Steve Hockensmith celebrates the Publication of World’s Greatest Sleuth with a gift to the fans.

Steve Hockensmith courtesy of Central Crime Zone

Okay, if you’ve come here today looking for a sneak peek of Steve Hockensmith’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dreadfully Ever After, well, you’re about to be disappointed.  My best efforts to obtain an advanced copy to review have come to naught.  Something to do with Quirk not willing to ship to Canada, I think.  (I know, I know, I’m disappointed too!)  It’ll be published in late March (March 22, 2011 to be exact), so at least our mutual disappointment will be short-lived.

If you’re here and you’ve never heard of the Holmes on the Range series of mysteries, well then, SHAME ON YOU!  Run down to your local bookstore/library/computer and buy, borrow or download yourself copies of the entire series.  THE ENTIRE SERIES.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.
However, if you’re here because you’re a fan of the Amlingmeyer brothers (Otto and Gustav) and their sleuthing adventures in latter part of the 19th century, well now, you’ve come across a bit of luck.  Just this past January the fifth book in the series, World’s Greatest Sleuth, was published, continuing the tale of brothers Big Red (Otto) and Old Red (Gustav), two cowboy/detectives with a penchant for trouble and a fascination with their compatriot from across the water, one Sherlock Holmes.
To celebrate the publication of this newest book, Hockensmith has decided to favour his fans with a little freebie, the first story featuring the brothers Amlingmeyer, dear-mr-holmes . 
You can also follow Steve’s musings and schedule at his blog site,

2 thoughts on “Steve Hockensmith celebrates the Publication of World’s Greatest Sleuth with a gift to the fans.

  1. Hey, G. Jr.! I’m really feeling the love from the Great White North. Thanks! As it just so happens, I need to mail some books to England next week, so as long as I’m filling out all that paperwork I might as well shoot something up Canada way, as well. Send your address to steve AT stevehockensmith DOT com, and a real, live (well, not live) copy of Dreadfully Ever After will be on its way to you.

    See, folks? Sometimes nice folks do finish first. Or get freebies, anyway.


    • Hey Steve, thanks for the nod. I look forward to previewing Dreadfully Ever After. Dawn of the Dreadfuls was what attracted me to search out your other works, and I’m glad I did. Very impressed by the exploits of the Bros. Amlingmeyer!


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